Zhuhai Chame-long Park Fountain


TYPE:Artificial Lake Fountains

Zhuhai Chime-long international ocean resort invested and established by Guangdong Chime-long Group is a world-class super-large integrated theme tourist resort and its first phase investment is more than 20 billion Yuan. The resort is located in the southern of the beautiful Hengqin Island with magnificent mountains and flouring forests, and it is surrounded by sea on three sides, there is just a river between the resort and the international entertainment city-Macao. The Chime-long ocean kingdoms park has three great theme areas, it will be the largest  ocean theme park in the world after completion.

The fountain is in the centre lake of the Chime-long theme park. The overall length of the project is more than 200 meters, the width is more than 100 meters, our fountain is made of three parts of rounding rolling fountain. With more than 400 nozzles, more than 1000 underwater lamps and the investment of more than 20 million Yuan, it is the largest music fountain in China. A few days later, the fountain will be into the normal using, it will be the remarkable landscape of Zhuhai,visitors can enjoy its wonderful changing and beautiful modeling.

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