New Shandong Wanxianghe digital water dancing fountain project


Wanxianghe projects are located in Jining city CBD core area, it is built by Shandong Fubang shengshi Real Estate Company with investment 2.5 billion yuan. The total land area 49000 square meters, and leisure shopping island 470000 m³, 260 m skyscraper, 150000㎡valley type business, 5A office buildings and five-star hotels, gold trading market, international cultural exchange center and so on becomes into a leading urban context covered a full time, all age, all formats, full-featured, led by the of the world. This time, the fountain we designed is given priority to one dimensional digital running fountain. The fountain runs and performs with the music rhythm, and combined with other water features, water curtain movies to show a spectacular sights and vitality.

 This fountain construction will starts at the end of this month.

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