NEW Oriental Culture Exhibition City Large-scale Music Fountain Show


Oriental cultural exhibition city is located in China's coal capital and the birthplace of Confucian culture --Jining city of Shandong Province. With construction land 120 hectares, it is a key construction project and a key cultural industry projects in Shandong Province. The project is in the center of the Grand Canal Heritage Corridor and landscape saint golden tourist line, shared setting with aviation, high-speed railway, highway integrated transport hub, leading the project Jining City Cultural Industry Development.

The large music fountain project will be located in the west of the Oriental cultural city, the engineering innovation design is breakthrough the fountain technology at home and abroad, it well makes an organic integration of landscape engineering, local culture and superior artistic ideas.

The fountain project is divided into two parts: large scale digital music fountain show and matrix music dry fountain show. After its completion, the fountain show will be a new landmark of Jining City.

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