Our senior management held a future business development seminar


(News from our company public information) On the 22th, Oct, 2013, our company has convoked the company annual symposium among our senior managements. At the meeting, they made a conclusion on the business situation and results in the last year, at the same time, aiming at this year business development to make the market analysis and market positioning, we start to confirm new business plan and business goal this year.

First all, Mr Gao,the company director, said his recognition and thanks to all the staff of our company, he provided the 2013 annual business data analysis, the Blue sea and gold sand large scale digital fountain project established by us is recognized both by the owner and the industries among this aspect, recently, it has been used to the traveling development in the Fengxian Bay and brings a good benefit. At the same time, from the annual business data analysis, we shall pay more attention to the smaller fountain projects, from this year, we shall make a good balance between them and take a great consideration to do our fountain works, and contributes to our environment.

And then, department heads summarized and reported the issues of the own department, special solutions for the special problems, everyone in his own position, cooperation well, provide the design according to customers requirement and provide the best price. We shall keep improving of the engineering construction and try our best to create the best classic brand and service.

At last, the managers make an analysis of the opportunity and challenge of fountain industry at present. Combined with the market situation and company goal, they take a strategic arrangement and deploy to the company business development in 2014. On one hand, we will still to keep the domestic market and business; on the other hand, we will pay more attention to grasp the foreign opportunity and market to start works.

This meeting has lasted nearly for 2 hours, the strategy that developing to the oversea markets is helpful to improve our sustainable competition; our company will create a new chance and provide more quality-good fountains according to our goals.  

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