HOT Huai’an Xiaohu Resort light music fountain show


Xiaohu resort is located in Huan’ai city which is a famous culture city with long history in Jiangpu province in the South of Yangtze River, it is the hometown of China’s first Communist prime Minister -premier Zhou Enlai- since the establishment of People’s Republic of China.

The large dancing fountain show was built in Xiaohu resort. The fountain general length is about 220m, width 120m, with highest spray 88m and average height 40m. It has a great design basic on the local culture and environment characters. At the same time, it is a combination with many different fountain types, and mainly includes the 1-dimensional digital fountain, 2-dimensional nozzles and gas explosion fountain.

When the fountain was finished and open at the first time, many persons drive from different places to the resort for first fountain show, and it absorbed more than 50000 persons there. So, the government had to ask the police to the site to ensure the safety. Persons there listen to the music , enjoy the water dancing and florid lights, they have a great time!

The fountain show gains a great success with its wonderful perform and special culture meaning, it has a good reputation both our owner and the customers.

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