Our company has completed the fountain design and construction more than 100 large digital music fountain projects, which contains more than 30 municipal projects, 25 commercial and real-estate projects, more than 20 large theme park projects, and a majority of multiple artificial lake project and square project, etc. To each project, our engineers struggled for its creative design, fully considered the scene environment, adjusted measures to local conditions, implemented harmony of fountain waterscape and the environment. At the same time, we fully meet the owners’ market demand, tourism drainage, commercial development, art view and so on.
Business communication

Make a mutual communication about the design requirements, design node, our service process and price shall be notified to our customers, as followings

Scheme Design cycle (Day) Charging standard(USD) Service Details Features remarks
Common design 3-5 workdays ≥2500 Dollars 1.layout chat
2.  planar effect picture(2 pcs)
3.Equipment list
4.Fountain construction drawing
5.Technical disclosure documents
Standard design
Senior design 10-15 workdays ≥8200 Dollars 1.layout chat
2.  planar effect picture(2 pcs)
3.Equipment list
5. Fountain construction drawing
5.Technical disclosure documents
6.three-dimensional animations
Senior designer& animations

the sign of contract
Both parties should sign the design contract after recognizing each other's requirements and conditions. About 30% to 50% of design contract price shall be paid to design company as the deposits. Then, the assigned designed shall have a good communication with customers about design cores and put forward the design schedule and design data requirements.
Conceptual design
The conceptual design, including design specification, layout chat and  planar effect pictures, shall be submitted to the customers within the contract required time. At the same time, the customer shall reply to it as soon as possible for the stepping design;
Deep Design
After receiving customer’s feedback, our design team shall start to develop the design modification and optimal design. Within the time limited by contract, the design results shall be finished to submit.The design documents shall including the modified layout, planar effect pictures with specified number, 3D animations (senior design) and main material and equipment list. The feedback from customers shall be sent to us as soon as possible for deep design, at the same time, 50% of design contract price shall be paid.
construction drawing design
After receiving customer’s feedback, the design of construction drawing shall be started. The whole set of construction drawing shall be finished to submit in time. Within 7 days after construction drawing submitting, the customers shall pay off all the contract cost to design company
technology support

When we submit all the design drawing, we will arrange a technical disclosure for the technology requirements, important notes.        


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