Shanghai Jiayue Fountain was founded in 2007, mainly engaged in the design and construction of large music fountain. Relying on its excellent construction quality and good corporate image, it has rapidly developed into a famous fountain brand in the industry at home and aboard. At present, our company has successfully completed more than 100 music fountain projects, such as such as Large digital music fountain of Ocean Kingdom in ChimeLong Theme Park in Zhuhai.The large-scale “blue sea, gold sand “music fountain project in Shanghai Fengxian bay, the large music fountain of the intangible cultural heritage part of China, Sunken plaza fountain in the entrance of Hunan Fangte Paradise, the colorful program-controlled fountain of Hainan Nanguo Venice City…. From engineering design to production, installation, debugging, our company provides a complete set of perfect quality service.

In Dec 2013, with our continuous development and macro policy advantage, company executives unanimously made an agreement that original Overseas Marketing Department of Jiayue fountain can be independent and then registered in Shanghai Free Trade Zone, that is today’s Shanghai WEZ international trading co., LTD. Now WEZ International Company aims to assist jiayue's overseas business development and smoothly. At the same time, it has own independent import and export rights, and can enjoy relevant preferential policies of Shanghai Free Trade Zone.

In September 2015, Shanghai Jiamai landscape technology co., LTD was set up, professionally committed in the production of fountain equipment to reach our technology innovation and enterprise reform. Optimizing production line, promoting the equipment improvement and saving the cost of engineering, Shanghai Jiamai will implement the road of enterprise reform with high-tech relaying on abundant construction experience and good market reputation of its main company Jiayue.

  • Excellent team
  • Project experience
  • Service system
  • Variety products
  • Technical
  • Excellent team

    At present, our company has 5 engineers worked in the water landscape aspect for more than 10 years, 5 mechanical engineers, 8 professional designers (3D animation, graphic design), 6 electrical engineers,more than 150 professional constructors and professional management team.

    Team personnel shall abide by the company rules, adhere to the corporate philosophy, work together and forge ahead. Constantly improving the quality of the personal accomplishment, at the same time promoting their professional skills, and do the best efforts to provide customers with better and more efficient services to create more fine art fountain waterscape.

  • Project experience

    At present, our company has completed the fountain design and construction more than 100 large digital music fountain projects, which contains more than 30 municipal projects, 25 commercial and real-estate projects, more than 20 large theme park projects, and a majority of multiple artificial lake project and square project, etc. To each project, our engineers struggled for its creative design, fully considered the scene environment, adjusted measures to local conditions, implemented harmony of fountain waterscape and the environment. At the same time, we fully meet the owners’ market demand, tourism drainage, commercial development, art view and so on.

    Great Cooperative Clients

    Chime-long Group (Zhuhai Chime-long Paradise Centre Lake 0cean Kingdoms Large-scale Digital Fountain Projects, Penguins hotel Dry Music Fountain, Guangzhou Chame-long Water Word Fountain, Zhuhai performing arts plaza music fountain, etc.);

    Zhejiang Hengdian Group (Hengdian New Summer Palace XiaYuan series Music Fountain project);

    Shenzhen Huaqiang (Wuhu 1st and 2nd stage fountain projects, Fantawild Fountain Project in Zhengzhou, Qingdao, Zhuzhou, etc.);

    Large scale tourist and business development area (Shanghai bay tourist area (Hefei big theatre development zone, Chinese Medicine Center and so on)

  • Service system

    From creative design to the scheme, equipment selection to product procurement production, construction to commissioning completed, our company provide series of professional services. Each link and process has a professional staff and customers to communicate about, and project engineers with rich experience to control comprehensively.

    Design - hold environmental features; explore construction significance, senior designers, one to one special design;

    Choreography - songs choreography (15 songs), control precision, and fusion of Chinese and western characteristics;

    Construction- high-quality efficient team, high quality hardware equipment, good management and control system;

    After-sales- 2 years warranty, 4 to 8 years maintenance period

  • Variety products

    The design, construction and debugging of a verity of fountains,such as music fountain, color program-controlled fountain, sculpture fountain, laser fountain, flame fountain, bubble fountain, water curtain movie, funny fountain, dry fountain, skipping fountain, atomization landscape, man-made waterfall, pearl fountain and so on…

  • Technology&production

    Based on Chinese water landscape culture, introduced and brought the advanced technology, combined with western water features and culture, improved the new design concept, devoted to develop the waterscape fountain works around the world, we are a high-tech enterprises with great vibrant and cultured is in waterscape environment art industry.

    Self-developed control software, one by one digital control and control precision, combined both Water type and music rhythm perfectly. At the same time, our company owns the most advanced digital nozzle technology, showing nozzles above the water when fountain open. While closed, fountain nozzle hidden underwater, it not only can protect equipment, but also can keep the beauty of water surface.

Main service and products

1. The design, construction and debugging of a verity of fountains

Such as digital music fountain, color program-controlled fountain, sculpture fountain, laser fountain, flame fountain, bubble fountain, water curtain movie, funny fountain, dry fountain, skipping fountain, atomization landscape, man-made waterfall, pearl fountain and square digital fountain projects and so on…

2. The fountain equipments what you need

Such as all kinds of nozzles, valves, transducer, fountain pumps and color lights for music fountains…

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